To discuss any aspect of contraception, please contact the surgery or our local family planning clinics (link on the sexual health page)

There is information about all aspects of contraception, including help to choose what method might suit you best, on the FPA (Family Planning Association) website at

For very detailed, extensively referenced advice aimed at medical professionals, you may want to access the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare site Publications area which can be found here


Dr Meriel Raine, one of the partners at the Surgery, has produced these short video clips about how the contraceptive ‘coil’ (IUD / IUS) is fitted and removed.

IUD means Intrauterine Device and IUS means Intrauterine System. They are both forms of long-acting reversible contraception, which are very effective because whilst they are being used you do not have to remember or take or use contraception.

Fitting service for IUD / IUS

Risks of fitting IUD / IUS

Comparison of IUD / IUS

Removing a coil (IUS, IUD)
Removing a coil (IUS, IUD) is a straightforward procedure which does not require any preparation beforehand. Please book with any of our doctors interested in women’s health.

Please be aware that YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE INTERCOURSE FOR ONE WEEK PRIOR TO REMOVAL as you would then be at risk of pregnancy.