How We Share Your Information

Accessing your GP Health Record

Your GP record is held securely in a NHS-approved system called EMIS Web, which is managed by the GP Surgery. The information in your GP record is used by the authorised health professionals providing your care locally – this may include your GP, practice nurse or college nurse; the health professionals working in any NHS services provided to you by the Oxford GP Federation (OxFed), a NHS trust or other healthcare organisation; and the healthcare professionals providing your care in the local community, such as the District Nurse, Health Visitor or Midwife.

Only authorised healthcare professionals with a legitimate reason to access your GP record may do so and they are legally required to protect your confidentiality.

You can access and review parts of your GP record by registering for our online services

When you need care in other places

If you require treatment in another NHS healthcare setting, such as an Emergency Department or Hospital, the professionals treating you can give you safer and more appropriate care if some of the information in your GP record is available to them. This information can be shared securely through two NHS systems:

  • The Summary Care Record – used by NHS services across England
  • The Oxfordshire Care Summary – used by NHS services in Oxfordshire only

In both cases, your information will only be accessed by authorised healthcare professionals who are directly involved in your care. Your permission will be asked before the information is accessed, unless the professional is unable to ask you and there is an important clinical reason to access it (e.g.  a medical emergency).

Your Summary Care Record choices

The NHS Summary Care Record is designed to improve the care you receive in emergencies. It is used by Accident & Emergency and other NHS services to check for important information about you if you visit them in an emergency or need care when your GP Surgery is closed.

When you register with a GP Surgery in England, a Summary Care Record containing basic information is created for you automatically, unless you object to this. The standard record includes your registration details (name, address, date of birth, NHS number, etc.), your prescribed medications and your recorded allergies or bad reactions to medications. If you wish, you can ask your GP to set up a more detailed record to include your medical diagnoses, referrals, vaccinations, care plans and other details. You can also add information to the Summary Care Record yourself through the NHS website.

If you are happy to have a standard Summary Care Record you do not need to do anything, as this is created for you automatically by the NHS.

If you would like to opt out of the Summary Care Record please complete our Summary Care Record opt out form

Your Oxfordshire Care Summary choices

The Oxfordshire Care Summary allows other NHS services in Oxfordshire to see selected information from your GP record if you use their services. This includes:

  • Your medical conditions and diagnoses
  • Recorded allergies and bad reactions to medicines
  • Test results, x-ray reports and health readings such as blood pressure
  • Your prescribed medications and vaccination history
  • Your appointments, hospital admissions, GP out-of-hours attendances and ambulance calls
  • Your care / management plans
  • Correspondence such as referral letters and discharge summaries

You will be asked for permission before your information is accessed by the healthcare professional, except in uncommon situations where you are unable to give your consent and there is an important clinical reason (e.g. in an emergency).

If you are happy to have an Oxfordshire Care Summary you do not need to do anything, as this will be created for you automatically.

If you would like to opt out of the Oxfordshire Care Summary please complete our Oxfordshire Care Summary Opt out form