Medical Certificates for Students

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student at Oxford University and wish to request a medical certificate or letter because your health condition has (or will) have an impact on your studies or exams, please complete the form below.

If you have missed an exam because of an unexpected or sudden illness, you can request a certificate for this directly from your College Nurse.

For further guidance, see the Oxford University administration website.

Medical Certificates for Students
Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.
Is this health condition on-going? *
If your are requesting a deadline extension please give:

  • The original dealine and proposed new deadline
  • The title of the affected piece(s) of work
  • Your Reason why the duration of extension you are requesting is justified
If you are requesting any adjustments or adaptations pleas outline what you are requesting and to which exams or academic work these would apply:
Have you discussed this application with one of the doctors at the surgery already? *