Student Guide

A warm welcome to students.


We are a large NHS GP practice located at 19 Beaumont St. We look after the following Colleges:

  • Exeter
  • St Johns
  • University
  • Harris Manchester
  • Green Templeton
  • Linacre
  • Queens
  • Pembroke
  • Wadham
  • Kellogg
  • Nuffield
  • Balliol


In order to register with us, you should fill in the online registration form on the link provided by your college. If you have completed this, you will be registered with us, but it does take a few days to process this information and to correctly put your details on to our GP computer system. You will not receive an email confirmation that this has happened, but when you telephone or attend the practice for an appointment, we will be able to see you on our system. An NHS number will be assigned to you and will be available upon request. If you have previously been registered with a GP in the UK your electronic notes will usually be transferred automatically within a few days, if your previous practice is using the appropriate software. If not, a paper copy of your notes will take some weeks to be sent to us. Please fill in the form to the best of your ability – we know that people often cannot remember all their vaccination dates but please do your best. You are required by your college to be registered with a GP in the UK. You are strongly recommended to register with our practice (although you do have a choice to register elsewhere). The reason for this is that we have a close working relationship with the colleges we are linked to, and with the college nurses who work with them (while maintaining a confidential relationship with students). We have a great deal of experience of working with students and in liaising with colleges at the students’ request, outside our NHS responsibilities to them, but we are unable to provide this service to people who are not registered with our practice.

How does the NHS work?

The NHS can seem confusing if you are new to it. If you are an international student, click here for more information. If you have registered with us via your college (as you are on a recognised course of study for more than 6 months) then you can access NHS services via our practice, and if you need to access hospital treatment, we can arrange this if necessary. Be aware that some treatments and investigations which may be available abroad may not be funded by the NHS.

College GP vaccination/registration days

In Freshers’ week, we will be visiting colleges, and you will have received information about this in your welcome pack. Each college will be visited by one of the doctors at the practice who will briefly introduce the service. Members of our reception and nursing teams will also be visiting to provide immunization with Meningitis ACWY and flu immunization, as part of the NHS vaccination programme. Meningitis ACWY (Men ACWY is a new vaccination which is recommended for all students aged up to 25 attending a British university for the first time. It provides cover against 4 types of bacterial meningitis. The programme started in August 2015. If you have already received Men ACWY from your previous GP or as a travel vaccination, you do not need a further jab. Meningitis ACWY vaccine was previously only given as a travel vaccine (Arabian and sub-Saharan African countries). There is further information on the Meningitis and Septicaemia Poster and at NHS: MenACWY vaccine overview We will also provide flu vaccinations for students in at-risk groups as identified from your registration forms, as per the NHS flu vaccination programme. Information about who should have a flu vaccine is NHS: Who should have the flu vaccine? If you are not in an eligible group, you can pay to get a flu vaccine in most local pharmacies. We will not be able to provide any other vaccinations at this time. Our nurses will ask people with a history of asthma to complete a questionnaire about their symptoms. If you do not want to provide information at this time you do not have to, but it will help us ensure our records are up to date while your records arrive from your previous GP. There will NOT be an opportunity for confidential medical consultations at these sessions, but our receptionist will be able to confirm that we have received your registration documents, and if you have any problems with registration should be able to sort this out for you. If necessary you can complete a hard copy of the registration form.

MMR vaccination (protecting against measles, mumps, and rubella)

We recommend you check that you have had 2 MMR vaccinations. Most people worldwide receive these in childhood, but some may have missed out. We see cases of mumps infection most years in the student population. Most are mild but there are occasionally serious complications. Cases require isolation from other students. There is information about mumps here. There have been outbreaks of measles in the UK in recent years which have had fatalities. There is information here about measles. If you think you have not had two MMR vaccinations, and you are a new university student, we recommend you make an appointment at the practice for this to be given.

Long term conditions and repeat prescriptions

If you are treated for any long term condition such as asthma, or you receive repeat prescriptions for example for the contraceptive pill, please make a routine appointment to discuss your condition and medication with one of our doctors. We do get quite busy in term time so it is helpful to make an appointment two weeks in advance. The doctor will then arrange for a “repeat” prescription if appropriate (so that you can get more medication without seeing a doctor each time). Our website has more information about different doctors’ particular interests. Some colleges have college nurses who will be able to provide contraceptive consultation and arrange for prescriptions without seeing a GP – check with your own college nurse.

Online prescription requests

We can arrange online prescription requests through our website, but you will need to attend the surgery first to register for this.

Prescription charges

An NHS prescription costs £8.20 per item, and if you are over 18 you are eligible to pay this. Information about help with charges is available at NHS: Am I entitled to free prescriptions?

Appointments at the surgery

To make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse, please ring the reception on 01865 240501. For people who require an appointment on the same day, there is an express clinic between 11am-1pm and the receptionist will book you into this if appropriate, alternatively there is a duty doctor who will deal with urgent problems and to advise over the telephone. For routine appointments, you can make an appointment to see a doctor of your choice. As all the doctors only work certain days a week, you will need to book ahead if you would like to see a particular doctor. All the doctors are happy to arrange phone consultations if necessary. If you have ANY long term health issue, please make an appointment early in the term so that you can discuss it with one of our team and we can help you better. You can book appointments online, but in order to register for this, you will need to attend the surgery in person, with photo ID.

Urgent medical problems

For life-threatening medical emergencies telephone 999. For non-emergency medical advice, the national NHS advice line is 111, information is available at NHS 111 The NHS website carries comprehensive medical advice. The nearest Emergency Department is at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Headington. Between 8 am and 6.30 pm Monday to Friday, ring our Practice number and if you need to speak to a doctor or nurse, we will arrange this and see you at the practice if this is needed. It is best to ring the practice early so we will be better able to help you. If you need help outside these hours, you will be connected to the 111 service. If appropriate, they will transfer you to the GP Out of Hours service, staffed by local GPs, which is based in Cowley. This is only a limited service without access to medical records and we would recommend calling the practice when it is open, ideally first thing in the morning. For those colleges who have a college nurse available in college, you can access advice and help from them. Their arrangements vary – your college website will have details.

Contraception and sexual health

We provide a contraceptive service as part of our NHS contract. All contraceptive services are free. Dr Raine provides an IUD fitting service and Practice Nurse Sheila Long provides implant fitting. All doctors are happy to prescribe oral contraceptives. College nurses are also happy to discuss contraception. If you require emergency contraception we are happy to provide this. Free condoms are available from us to people under 25 who register with the c-card scheme. People under 25 are recommended to have a chlamydia screening test; these are available from any doctor or nurse in the practice or from your college nurse. The NHS sexual health service in Oxfordshire which provides a full contraceptive service and sexual health screening, is based at the Churchill Hospital. More information here.

College nurses

The following colleges employ a nurse who is available at the college for advice and help with medical concerns. Exeter, Balliol, St Johns, Wadham, Pembroke, Green Templeton and Queens. Each college nurse works different hours and details of their services are available on your college website. We work closely with all the nurses, and they are clinically overseen by OxFed, the federation of local Oxford GP practices.

Stress and mental health problems

Many people experience stress in the first few weeks of university, and some people have had mental health problems in the past which become worse in a new environment. There is lots of help and support available in your college (see your college website for details of peer and senior support), and via the university counselling service. The doctors are always happy to see people with mental health problems at 19 Beaumont St and are experienced in dealing with them. We can refer to the NHS Assessment Mental Health Team based at the Warneford Hospital if required.