Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

Although we try hard to please, things don’t always turn out as we would want them to. Should this happen, we would like the opportunity to say sorry, to correct things if we can, and improve the service for the future.  If you are dissatisfied, please come and see one of the doctors, or the practice manager, so that we can have a chance to deal with your complaint properly.  Every complaint will be taken seriously. We have an official complaints procedure which helps all concerned to learn from any mistakes or misjudgements which may have been made.

Regrettably, every so often things go so badly wrong that it can damage the trust a patient has in their doctor. In these uncommon circumstances, it can be the best interests of the patient to register with a GP in another local practice.  Of course, this is very unusual indeed; we are always sorry if it does happen, as we strive to offer a high quality and caring service to everyone.

Suggestions are always welcome – please feel free to offer any helpful suggestions to any member of staff – or use the suggestions box provided at reception.